About Us

CORPORALYS is a young and dynamic company thanks to its tenacity and innovative spirit. The company was created to deal with production innovation to supply product differentiation as a competitive choice in an increasingly global market.

CORPORALYS has its own technical, commercial and administrative resource, and is also supported by its parent companies, that bring experience and expertise to its products.

Our clients can be confident that CORPORALYS can offer the necessary level of support and back-up required to bring innovation to commercial success.

All CORPORALYS products are designed and manufactured exclusively in CEE with the finest fabrics and best quality.

The apparel market from sportswear to fashion, as an everyday demand of garments which fulfil specific functions.

While the market is saturated with more choices for every type of garments and textile products than ever before, consumers desire “smart” products that offer better value as well as comfort. To gain market share, clothing makers and fashion brands have to continuously come up with new garments that provide better easy-care properties, greater performance options and better comfort. This is where CORPORALYS as a special place in today’s market.

A wide range of textile finishings are available, including specific properties, such as enhanced moisture management, windproof, waterproof, UV protection and anti-bacterial.

CORPORALYS fabrics are just the conjunction of specialised fibres, fabric structures and the latest fabric mechanical and chemical finishes.
Dyeing and Finishing Services

CORPORALYS also offers dyeing and finishing services.

Dyeing of fabrics – with an annual capacity of 10 millions meters a year, it is prepared to process all kind of fabrics with a very high degree of flexibility.

Finishing of fabrics – It is prepared to process 15 millions meters a year using chemical and mechanical processes.

20 years of existence

Throughout its 20 years of existence it has managed to create a strong image on competitive and trustworthy services. Nowadays, it presents itself as a company with a vast experience in high-tech and fashionable products with services specially oriented both to knitwear and woven fabrics. Its strategy focuses on the constant reinforcement of its presence in the textile market, always ahead in what concerns market changes and challenges, maintaining an adequate set of machinery and building a very competent and enthusiastic human resources team, devoted to new techniques and technologies.